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July 2010


July 8, 2010

* The day before Independence Day, Anastasia helped me make an apple pie. (She loves to use that apple peeler!) Because she and I both prefer to "do it myself," I let her make a mini pie She called it her "love you gift" to her daddy. She also insisted on putting raisins in the pie - something I never do - but which, I hear, tasted great :)

* We showed both kids backyard fireworks several days before Independence Day. They both adored them. (Zane clapped after every round.) When they were all gone, Anastasia chanted, "More fireworks! More fireworks!" So we promised to let her see her first "big" fireworks on the 4th. In the end, her daddy took her to the local racetrack to watch a race, then see some fireworks. It was a very late night, but the next morning, she was ready to do it all over again.

* Me (after Anastasia tried to punish Zane for some small offense): "You're not the mommy."

Anastasia: "I AM the mommy...of my plastic babies."

* Anastasia to Zane, as he tried to unplugged my computer from the wall: "Stop that, Zane, or you'll be electrocuted and you'll die and you're my only baby brother!"

* Anastasia to Zane, after he stole one of my kitchen gadgets for the zillionth time: "Zane, try to make this a good day for Mommy."

* Zane has become quite the blower of kisses, though he sometimes forgets to send them on their way - because he's having too much fun making blowing sounds against his hand.

* Zane now makes several animal noises: Monkey, cat, and dog.

* Hubby to Zane, who was begging shamelessly for hubby's food: "I'll give you some if you say 'please.'"

Zane looked down and his lower lip began to quiver, and he was just about to sob when my hubby gave him food out of guilt. We think Zane might have been thinking something like: "Oh no! Now they want me to talk before I can eat! I'll STARVE!"

* Zane is talking a wee bit more. When we read, he practices words - vey quietly and shyly. For example, yesterday he said "tractor" and "plow." A few days back, he actually said, "I want that!"

* Most people seem surprised Zane isn't talking more. Although he's 21 months old, he's wearing some 3T clothes now, so he looks like he should be much older than he is.

* From the moment he first realized his sister could ride the spring horse in our living room, Zane has longed to ride it, too. Well, last week he managed to climb onto the horse (all by himself), ride it (all by himself) and get off (all by himself). He spends a lot of time on that thing now :)


July 20, 2010

This weekend, we went to a local parade. The Miss was extremely subdued at first, but by the end of the parade, she was aggressive about snatching up any candy thrown out to the kids :)  Zane loved almost every minute, immediately "getting into" the parade. I did discover, though, that Smokey Bear terrifies him - and that he likes to blow kisses to fire engines. He was also a big fan of the motorcycles, the horses, and an antique tractor.

Afterward, all Anastasia wanted to do was ride the ponies, as she did the year before. She rode them twice, looking a bit more relaxed than she did last year. Zane was perfectly content to watch and blow her kisses.

Zane is talking a bit more now. He has some Buzz Lightyear pjs, so my hubby sometimes calls him Bubba Lightyear. This weekend, Zane was saying that phrase over and over. And if you ask him what his name is, he'll often grin and say "Buuuubuuuuuh!" He's also said "I want that" a few times, and last night he even said "up."

His taste in literature is growing, too :)  He thinks Moo Baa La La La is the funniest book ever.

The Miss is a hand full. She wakes up a lot at night, and then tends toward temper tantrums during the day - especially the end of the day. It's exhausting for everyone in the household. She's excited about starting kindergarten next year, and I'm hopeful that obeying a teacher might give her a new perspective on things.