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June 2011


June 18, 2011

Playing pirate ship.

It's been an exhausting month for the whole family - especially Anastasia and me. The school year is almost wrapped up (just some testing left to do), and with the end of the school year came special projects and performances.

First was Anastasia's ballet recital. She's been very excited to (in her words) "perform on a stage." I was a little worried for her, because she seemed to have a hard time getting her dance down. I talked a lot about the hard work that goes into performing, and finally she said, "Way more than I thought!"

The day of the recital started with a dress rehearsal that was hours long, and by the time of the performance, the Miss was really worn out. I got her dressed, put on her make up ("I guess I need to borrow your makeup," she said) then told her I was going out into the audience with her Daddy, brother, and grandma. "But someone has to look after me!" she said. (Very funny from such an independent girl.) I'd already told her about the other mom who would watch out for her, but apparently she'd been too tired to hear.

I needn't have worried about Anastasia on stage, though. She did very well, remembering many aspects of the dance her classmates did not. And let's face it: Few things are cuter than a bunch of little girls in tutus thumping across the stage like elephants :) The audience really laughed, though, when, at the end of the dance, Anastasia blew kisses to the audience. It was actually part of the choreography, but because none of the other girls remembered to do it, it made her look like a real ham. Which she is.

After the recital, the Miss declared, "I love performing!"


Always the dramatic one!

The last day of school was filled with fun activities, including dressing up as a favorite American, (we chose Betsy Ross), tie dying, and a party. This was followed by a long dress rehearsal for the end of the year school performance.

During the rehearsal, one of Anastasia's classmates said, "We have to go on a stage?! I've never been on a stage..." To which the Miss replied, proudly, "I have. I've performed on a stage!"

It was a long night for both kids. I sent hubby home with Zane shortly after Anastasia performed. I hear he crawled into bed and fell asleep with his clothes and shoes on. Anastasia also had a hard time staying awake, but when one little girl got up and played the piano, she said at the top of her lungs, "She's really good!" And, slightly more quietly,  "She's  better than I am!" (No, Anastasia does not know how to play the piano - although she thinks she does.)

The performance was followed by a project fair, and Anastasia was proud to earn her first participation ribbon.

Little Zane continues being a sweet little boy who is mostly laid back - except when he's not. He sings beautifully on pitch, and he recently discovered Anastasia's Frosty the Snowman toy - the one that plays the song "Frosty the Snowman." He plays it over and over, trying to learn the words, and hums and sings with it often. Of course, every time I try to catch it on film, he stops.

Oh, and one cute little story about Zane: One day last month, he accidentally bit his tongue. He ran up to me and stuck it out. He wanted me to kiss it :)