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May 2011


May 25, 2011

We've been sick so much the past couple of months; I'm only just now beginning to feel a little bit caught up. Yet again, this will have to be a highlights post:


* We got chicks! The kids absolutely adored having them inside and did a good job helping to care for them. Anastasia did everything except handle their litter; even Zane tried to help by handing us stuff we needed when we cleaned the brooder. Now they are outside, and the kids love feeding and holding them. Anastasia must do an end-of-the-year poster board project for school, and she chose caring for chickens :)

* At one point, one of the chicks was badly pecking the others. Anastasia decided we should name her Miss Sweets, to inspire her to be more kind.

The kids spent hours watching the chicks in the brooder.

* Zane (to chick feather that fell off naturally): "Uh OHHH!" (Tries to put it back on the chick.)

* Anastasia loves watching an evening movie, cuddled up to her daddy. Daddy, remembering the days of Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom, turned on a National Geographic nature show for to watch. He was a little uncomfortable when they began talking about female hyenas and their false penises (who knew?!), but he thought the mention went quickly and Anastasia didn't notice. Wrong! A few days later, she presented me with a picture of a monster: "Look," she said, "it has a bottom like Zane's, even though it's a girl. It's like a hyena!"

* In the evenings, we often watch something on Netflix as a family. One night, when we were watching a kids' show, Netflix suddenly stopped working. Anastasia said, with a rather guilty look, "It's probably because it's a kids' program and kids aren't supposed to watch stuff at night. Adults watch tv at night."

* Sometimes I let tv time be a Daddy and kids thing. But when I first started doing this, Anastasia expressed concern over her Daddy's choices. When Daddy picked a show, she'd call to me, "Mommy, is this show kid-friendly?"



* When I was a kid, we celebrated each holiday once. But my kids often celebrate it twice: Once at our house with my mom, and once at my in-law's. So this Easter, when I was sick with a fever and we only held one celebration (at our own house), Anastasia asked at bed time: "And the next Easter is tomorrow, Mommy?"

* The Miss, thinking deeply: "You wanted a husband so you got Daddy. Then you wanted a kid, so you got me. Then you thought I might want a baby brother, so you got Zane. Now we've all got each other!"

* Zane is a boy of few words, but the other night, when he thought Daddy was picking him up to put him to bed, an entire sentence flew from his mouth: "Put me down!"


* Actually, since then Zane's been talking considerably more and trying out lots of new words. This makes life easier for me - and often gives us a laugh. A few weeks back, Anastasia had gas and I told her she had stinky toots. Zane piped up: "No! Me! Me!" and pointed to himself. Like any self-respecting boy, he wanted to take credit for the stinkiest gas.

* Anastasia, out of the blue: "Soon I'll need a new bed."

Me: "Why will you need a new bed soon?"

Anastasia: "Because I'll get married and I'll need a bed my husband and I both fit in."


* Anastasia often sings out of tune, much as she loves singing. But Zane? He sings perfectly on pitch and I often catch him humming Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star while he builds with Legos.

* Zane - at long last! - will finally sit on the potty. One day he started telling me when he had a poopy diaper, and the next day when he thought he had to go, he asked to use the potty. So we all trotted into the bathroom and he sat there. And sat there. And sat there. Nothing happened, but Anastasia loved playing little mother. She read to him and encouraged him the whole time. He now periodically sits on the potty chair, but so far hasn't gone in it.


* Zane is always my good eater. The boy appreciates food. Here's a video of a typical eating session for him. He often says "Mmmm!" or "Yum!" after every bite. (Here, he's eating the melted remains of home made ice cream.) Click here for the video.